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Our Company

CONCEPT was established in 2008, since then we have help people move all over Singapore. To provide you with a personal and dependable service, CONCEPT directly employs its own team of professional movers, packers and supervisors. We never subcontract office or household moves. Each on our team crew member has an average of 10 years combined experience in removal services. All your moving projects will be done with the maximum cost efficiency and minimum disruption.

Mission Statement

"The needs for constant GROWTH, not just in the appearance or quantitative size of the company and also in terms of Sincerity, added value service and quality services."

We aim to provide constant outstanding service and create a differentiated moving experience for our valued customers.

Vision Statement

"To Be The Pioneer And Innovative Group Of Business Venturer In New Generation."

In the near future, human come up with the latest technology. We create the most innovative idea to impress our client and achieve customer satisfactory. Customer Satisfaction is our best advertisement, and so we strike to have a never ending innovative ideas to improve ourself everday.

Quality Policy

"You Get The Same Quantity If They Use The Right QUALITY" Get it?

  1. The type of material customer wants.
  2. Yet at a competitive and reasonable price
  3. Free boxes isn't enough, why not add in masking/labeling tape and Marker for your convenience.
  4. Go Green! Give us a call after you've unpack, anything can be re-use or re-cycle!
  5. Adopt safety, responsible, environmental friendly owner/crew member

Clear bulky item and trash the right way, as it may be fire hassle to leave it at the corridor
or bin area.

Our Crew People

"Together as one"

CONCEPT seeks proficiency and efficiency in their work that they do.

But not withstanding to work, the team of HR, ACCOUNTS, SALES TEAM and fellow crew members are equally engaged in FUN during their leisure time.

Apart from work and their personal leisure time, CONCEPT also organize party like bbq, house-gathering, annual D&D. This way, they get motivated and have a balance work-play and resonate with CONCEPT'S philosophy to strike harmony in life, their time immersed in play also fosters better work ties and synergy among the team to achieve the best result at work!

Besides from focusing on the development of every individual member in the team, CONCEPT also does not forget to contribute to the society. Together with the director and higher management, we take up the challenge to help the needy and old folk, even while knowing well the hardships and the sacrifices we need to make. We also encourage our families, friends and relatives comes together and share the experiences and views on the same time.

"To Reach For The Peak, It Need Not Only A Pair Of Hand To Clap, Thanks To The People And CONCEPT Will Deliver The Best Of The Best!"

From a modest beginning in 2008, Concept Transportation Services has now grown into a fully integrated moving company. The guiding philosophy of the company, throughout, has been creating innovative ideas, influencing management practices and integrate internationally. The objectives of imparting moving, combined with creation, ideas and moving of knowledge, are being met in an integrated form, to create a synergetic impact.

"We, the directors of concept are property brokers'. And started this exciting venture since 3 years ago. We start giving free moving service to seller and buyer who go through us and have a great respond and we will continue to give free and good moving services.

We even give a very good rate for expatriate who rate through us. This is the what we do in concept to provide you with a one-stop services, we've lots of vendors that you do not need to go around sourcing. Be it cleaning services, renovating, Interiors designing, and many many more.

We thank you for all the support.

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Contact Us

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